One of the things that bothered John the most about having cancer is that it precludes a person from being an organ donor. One of the people he most admired in his life died in a tragic motorcycle accident, and over 50 different tissues and organs were able to be transplanted from him; John was in awe of that, and always hoped to be able to do something like it. Cancer prevented that, but if it prompted at least one additional friend of John who isn’t currently listed in their area’s organ donor registry program would get themselves signed onto it, there could be some organs and lives saved that would make John very proud and thankful.

Similarly, John has A+ blood, the most common type, so frequently not needed; and his was somewhat weak (low cell counts) such that on the several occasions when he gritted his teeth (....Okay, there is “brave” and there is “brave”.....John’s “brave” did not naturally gravitate to getting stuck with needles!) and tried to donate, they declined to have him do so. But late in his cancer treatments he was given a transfusion to see if it might reduce his fatigue. So he “got” but was never able to “give”. You know how that would bother him. Can you give? If you would, thinking about John as you do, he would very much appreciate that.

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